Team Members Archive - CN4 Partners

Dean M. Nielsen

Dean Nielsen, since starting his political career in 1992 working for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, has worked on political campaigns in 35 states on every level of campaign, from school board to Congress to Governor to President as well as advising candidates and political parties in Eastern Europe. He is a leading expert in direct mail, political trainings, social

Dia Armenta

She works with political and corporate clients and on important social issues. As a consummate professional she brings energy, creativity and an extensive network to her work with a broad array of clients. Ms. Armenta began her career working on the campaign of the late Senator Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson thirty years ago. She has

Breann Pugnetti

Breann Pugnetti is a Colorado-native who brings a blend of legislative policy and campaign experience to CN4. Her problem-solving, creativity and calm-in-the-storm attitude makes her an asset to every team she joins. Prior to joining CN4, Breann worked with the Washington House Democratic Campaign Committee. Her hands-on approach to field and messaging helped secure progressive

Michael Garcia Kolenc

Michael is laser-focused on elevating campaigns and causes. He started in politics as a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Public Policy Fellow for the National Education Association, rising up the ranks to run statewide funding measures and help foster pro-public education candidates. Michael’s experience managing candidate campaigns, ballot measures and independent expenditures has pushed progressive policy

Jess David

Jess David has helped run some of the most successful programs on tough campaigns in the nation. She succeeds because she listens to voters, develops strong plans driven by local priorities, and fosters a culture of high-achievement, creativity, and collaboration every step of the way. In 2014, she helped Gina Raimondo become Rhode Island’s first

Mike Snyder

Mike Snyder brings three decades of direct experience with campaigns and elections to the table, along with stacks of maps, spreadsheets, detailed analysis and fundamental planning aimed at achieving the next victory. As a grad student at LSU and Indiana University, Mike targeted the collapse (albeit after the fact) of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Next, he

Candace Mettle

Candace is passionate about using her skills to advance progressive policy. She aims to elevate campaigns and achieve electoral victories at the ballot box! Both professionally and through volunteerism, Candace has honed her communication skills and campaign infrastructure experience. She is looking forward to continuing her path of transforming the U.S. to be truly a