Breann Pugnetti - CN4 Partners
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Breann Pugnetti is a Colorado-native who brings a blend of legislative policy and campaign experience to CN4. Her problem-solving, creativity and calm-in-the-storm attitude makes her an asset to every team she joins.

Prior to joining CN4, Breann worked with the Washington House Democratic Campaign Committee. Her hands-on approach to field and messaging helped secure progressive wins in crucial swing districts to maintain a Democratic majority in the Washington Legislature.

Later, she worked directly with State Representative Kristine Reeves. Breann oversaw communication strategy, policy development, and constituent services. She is most proud of her work developing childcare policy proposals to provide high-quality, accessible and affordable childcare for working families.

Breann is a fierce advocate for the prevention of sexual violence on college campuses. She has spent time researching prevention curriculum with the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs as well as serving as an advocate and peer support for survivors.