CN4 Partners - Award-Winning Political Consulting

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We win campaigns.

CN4 is a political consulting and campaign media strategy firm that specializes in helping Democratic candidates, progressive organizations, and labor unions win. Through our team in Seattle, Houston, Providence, Washington D.C., we provide strategy and media that is effective and innovative.

“Looking for a political strategist to authentically connect your campaign to voters in your target universe? Hire Dean and his team at CN4. Since our days at Progressive Majority, we bonded over our commitment to ensure professional grade services for ALL candidates. We both still lead on this value.”
Holli Holliday, Chief Strategist, Holliday Advisors & President, Sister Vote Sister Lead
“CN4 Partners is my go-to team and they've never let us down, even with last minute, complicated projects.”
Michael Giglio, New Jersey Education Association
“CN4 Partners' Principal Dean Nielsen has the rare ability to analyze the political landscape, build a strategy, advise the candidate, and remain objective about what it will take to win.”
Former State Rep. Gael Tarleton
“It’s been said that the only limited resource in a political campaign is candidate time. Dean and the CN4 team help make the most of that time with clear and reliable advice on priorities, help with tracking and management, and support for decision making on design and messaging.”
State Rep. Alex Ramel
“CN4 Partners helped us beat an initiative that would have threatened school budgets and infrastructure spending for two generations of Montana children. With their help, we moved the electorate from a 27% NO vote to a 58% NO vote.”
Erik Burke, Executive Director of MEA & MFT
“CN4 Partners goes hunting ... hunting for red seats in rural areas to flip. They're our go-to firm for these hard to win, difficult races.”
Adam Bartz, Washington Senate Democratic Campaign
“We worked together closely on two ballot measures in Montana, in 2016 and 2018 and I have been consistently impressed. Their firm's creative work is top notch, helping cut through the noise and catch the attention of voters, and their personal touch and customer service can't be overstated. I especially appreciate CN4's approach to being a team player and lending their insights to a campaign and putting winning above their bottom line.”
Chris Laslovich, Campaign Manager, No on 181 and Yes on 185
“We've worked with CN4 Partners on many campaigns. Smart, targeted, data-oriented, they are a great choice for candidates and organizations.”
Celinda Lake, President, Lake Research Partners
“They best captured the zeitgeist of this election.”
Willamette Week
“One of the best political consulting firms I have ever worked with: smart, strategic, data-driven, creative. The team brings a deep well of experience to bear on your campaign, combined with state of the art digital, mail and targeting.”
Doug Burnett, former Deputy Political Director, AFSCME
“I was at an association of Washington cities meeting this week after the election. The mailer you created was talked about by people from Spokane to Ilwaco. Tt was the strongest piece of mail across the state this cycle. Damn good work!”
Seattle City Councilmember Dan Strauss