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From all of us at CN4, we hope you had a fun and restful holiday. In taking stock of the past year, we’re happy to report it was CN4’s biggest yet. In 2022, we elected Democrats and progressive candidates from coast-to-coast, defeated incumbent Republicans, and made award-winning media for our clients.

As the 2022 cycle fades into the rearview, we’re making new resolutions and setting sights high.



Dean Nielsen
This year, I’m excited to try new targeting techniques using online video, particularly exploiting AI-powered consumer attributes to bring better decision making to online marketing, including tighter message segmentation for various audiences. I enjoy using technology to get an edge over other campaigns – super important in this era of close races.

Breann Pugnetti
This year I am really looking forward to working in new communities and communicating with new constituencies. One of the best parts of 2022 was learning more about Texas and Rhode Island, and now I am excited to bring our expertise in organized campaigns and compelling media to new faces and places. Plus, personally I want to travel this year, so reach out and we’ll work together on your next campaign!

Michael Kolenc
Shocking, but I’m not a “New Year’s resolution”-kind of person.  But much like a dog forced to take its medicine, wrap that resolution request in cheese and call it a “goal” and I am all over it.  In 2023, I am going to try to use the gym shoes I take on work trips more, rather than allowing them to take up limited suitcase real estate.  Oh, and let’s go find someone to run against Ted Cruz, too!

Candace Mettle
I’m eager for more opportunities to create exciting digital communications. We saw in 2022 how an engaging social media presence can hype up the base, while providing access for curious voters to learn more about a candidate. The digital sphere is simultaneously hyperspecific and a wide, wild territory, and it’s a fun challenge to balance its duality when producing media.

Jess David
Politics is a team sport and I’m feeling motivated by 212 Democrats sticking together. I want to bring that energy into my 2023. My goal this year is to be the best team member I can in all aspects of my life; whether that be lending an ear (or a hand or a shoulder) or making innovative, quality mail. 2023 is about building strong teams and winning through collaboration.


What are you hoping to accomplish this year? We want to help you get there. Send me a message at and let’s talk about how we can work together to achieve great things.