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I saw the sign

Every year, clients ask us to order hundreds and even thousands of yard signs. Despite rising costs of up to $7 per sign, campaigns continue to double down on them. Controversy erupts when candidates’ signs suddenly vanish in the dead of night and occasionally someone is even arrested for stealing campaigns signs. It’s the favorite


As Elon soft launches his new puppet (I mean announces the new CEO of Twitter), we thought we’d do a refresher on social media usage for campaigns. When the head of a major platform is ousted in a poll he himself put his job on the line for, how are the rest of us expected

Tech 2 Try

Welcome to a new semi-regular series called Tech 2 Try. It seems like every time you turn around there’s a new tool changing the campaign game. Every so often, we’re going to use our platform to highlight some of our favorites and our clients’ favorites. If you try any tech we recommend, let us know!

A quick flex

We know you get a lot of emails, text messages, Signals and Zooms. We are all busy, and we want to respect that without cluttering your inbox with nonsense. But these last few weeks we’ve been to the two major political award conferences, one sponsored by our trade organization, the American Association of Political Consultants, and the

The rightward lean of Asian voters

Much has been made (and rightfully so) about how the GOP has increasingly captured a larger share of Latino voters in recent elections, putting areas like the Rio Grande Valley into play for the first time in generations. However, we haven’t seen much analysis of Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) voters. One

Facebook is not just for Baby Boomers

Facebook has gone through many iterations in its lifetime–from its insular origins as a college student site to the Metaverse. Despite its various changes, it has remained one of the most dominant websites globally. As times change, so do demographics. Since Facebook is generally more representative of the U.S. population as a whole, changes observed

Dean talks to a GOP strategist

This week, I sat down with Justin Matheson, the Northwest Director of Axiom Strategies, a GOP consulting firm. Justin has worked in politics for nearly 25 years and has worked on more than 200 campaigns. Justin has been a mainstay in Northwest politics since 2011. He has also worked on numerous Northwest public affairs campaigns

Make new friends, but keep the old

Whenever we embark on a new cycle, we are given a fresh start; a new chance to talk to voters and make meaningful change. With that comes the inevitable reinventions of the wheel. New tech, tactics, and messages are considered and tested. But, this email isn’t about that. Mail is the oldest form of paid political

Chicago Mayoral data maps and analysis

The political world was shocked Tuesday night with news that hasn’t happened in Chicago in four decades- the sitting mayor was knocked out of the race. This hasn’t happened since Harold Washington beat then-mayor Jane Byrne in the February 1983 Democratic primary. We decided to take a deeper dive and see where Paul Vallas won

Pitfalls and bad calls

Over the years, we’ve learned the warning signs that will help you spot that your campaign is heading in the wrong direction. If you’ve had any of these thoughts… It may be time to make some changes. Nobody watches tv or reads direct mail. Make sure that your decision making is backed with data, not