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Playing Favorites

Happy Election Day dear reader. I don’t care about daylight savings; this is the longest day of the year. If you’re on the list, I will assume you, like me, are simultaneously desperate for intel, but also a little bit over cable news prognosticators. In that vein, I thought we’d pass along a recent discussion

Tech 2 Try

Welcome to the second installment of our Tech2Try series! It seems every other day, a new tool enters our world, and we wonder if they’re worth using. We’ve looked at some of them and heard from other campaign professionals about them and can confidently say, they’re worth it! Campaigning is hard; merch should be easy! MerchBlue makes

No 10 point plan

At CN4 we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about how to tell stories. Stories bind us together and are an authentic way to connect with people – especially voters. We can – and do – tell stories through many different mediums, but lately we’ve been working on an exciting project – an

It’s fall about IEs 🍂

Hi there – While it may not quite feel like it yet, fall is upon us. And that means we’re headed into IE Season. Many people want to start an Independent Expenditure (IE) campaign, but don’t get it off the ground. Here are some things to consider as you contemplate an IE. 1. The first

How to be Labor Strong

As we begin to sign off for Labor Day weekend, we want to celebrate the skilled professionals who keep our country moving every day. Union workers are the backbone of our economy. Labor unions are powerful political forces. When running for office, endorsements from unions in your district provide a “seal of approval,” encouraging members

An Email About Emails

Essential to campaigns of all sizes is fundraising, and in this day and age, it often takes form in digital fundraising, particularly via email. But how can campaigns ensure their fundraising emails are not left on read, and donation asks are fulfilled? We sat down with two digital fundraising consultants from firms we’ve worked with

Taylor Swift owns the summer – including ours.

Since we know you’re having too much fun in the sun to think a lot about politics (as you should be), we decided to share something a prospective client asked us to make – an ad for Taylor Swift’s upcoming campaign for State Senate. For all the Swifties out there, the ad has 10+13 references.

Our favorite (Dem) launch videos

It’s that time of year again, when some of our favorite candidates and consultants put together one of the rituals that has become common for bigger budget campaigns in America – the launch video. Since the 2018 cycle, it’s become common for candidates running for House, Senate and President to rely on launch videos to

Catching up with Greg Speed from America Votes

I met Greg Speed at Communities for Quality Education, a 501c4 hatched by some of the minds behind America Votes, in the mid-2000s. Greg had just come from the DCCC and was going to be our Communications Director, which was not a fair title for the portfolio he would build and the influence he would

I saw the sign

Every year, clients ask us to order hundreds and even thousands of yard signs. Despite rising costs of up to $7 per sign, campaigns continue to double down on them. Controversy erupts when candidates’ signs suddenly vanish in the dead of night and occasionally someone is even arrested for stealing campaigns signs. It’s the favorite