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Exciting News

We wanted to share with you some very exciting news … Breann Pugnetti has been promoted to Partner and Chief Operating Officer Breann joined the firm in 2018, after a stint in the Washington State Legislature and with the House Democratic Campaign Committee on candidate campaigns. Since joining the firm, she has become a real force

What’s on your walls?

We reached out to some of our favorite politicos to ask them what their favorite piece of campaign memorabilia is, and why it’s special to them. We got back some great stories – I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. My memorabilia isn’t quite memorabilia as it’s a letter… I was 12 years

Alexa play “You Need to Calm Down”

Dear Reader, So, 32% of GOP voters believe Taylor Swift is a government asset now? I wanted to write a fun little take on this mayhem, but honestly I don’t got it. It’s so outrageous it speaks for itself. Like, are you seeing this shit? Anyway, now that Fearless leader, Joe Biden has declared the Pentagon’s psyop Super

What to Know Before You Logo

Campaigns in a way are brands, and essential to a brand is its mainstay visual: a logo. Having an eye-catching logo can set the tone of a candidate and stick in voters minds. We recently sat down with one of our communications designers, Eric Grant, to learn more about crafting political brands and logos, and

The Last Word

Happy Presidential Primary season to those who celebrate! The GOP Iowa caucus was a show of force by the frontrunner in the face of staggeringly low turnout. We’ve been crunching the numbers on Iowa and thought you might enjoy some maps that we find tell the story well. 2024 GOP Caucus Vote Share   In

2024 Election Resources Inside

Happy New Year from all of us at CN4! A new year means new elections, new candidates, and new data. Okay I admit it, I am an election nerd. And my guess is if you’re still subscribed to this list, you probably are too. So I wanted to share with you some resources that I

That’s a Wrap

Happy Spotify Wrapped season dear reader! Congratulations to those of you who saw what they wanted and condolences to those who’s number 1 artist was the cast of Glee. We at CN4 love a little statistical silliness so we decided to share our 2023 Wrapped. We’re so proud of all of our 2023 candidates and

Eggnog is gross

Friends, There are fewer than 82 days until Super Tuesday, and I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet! My guess is I’m not alone, and you too are concerned about how campaigns will use December to build meaningful and lasting infrastructure, strategic and realistic campaign plans as well as all the other commitments that

Playing Favorites

Happy Election Day dear reader. I don’t care about daylight savings; this is the longest day of the year. If you’re on the list, I will assume you, like me, are simultaneously desperate for intel, but also a little bit over cable news prognosticators. In that vein, I thought we’d pass along a recent discussion

Tech 2 Try: Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of our Tech2Try series! It seems every other day, a new tool enters our world, and we wonder if they’re worth using. We’ve looked at some of them and heard from other campaign professionals about them and can confidently say, they’re worth it! Campaigning is hard; merch should be easy! MerchBlue makes