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We wanted to share with you some very exciting news … Breann Pugnetti has been promoted to Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Breann joined the firm in 2018, after a stint in the Washington State Legislature and with the House Democratic Campaign Committee on candidate campaigns.

Since joining the firm, she has become a real force not only in client services but taking on broader roles in organizing and operationalizing our internal systems and tools to make sure all the trains run on time. Breann has made everyone at the firm better.

I am very excited about her new role and this new chapter of CN4. However, don’t take my word for it. I wanted to share what several clients said about her:

 “Glad to hear Breann is being recognized for the BOSS she is. On all the projects I’ve had with CN4 in recent years, Breann has been quick, responsive, dedicated, and respectful- even when there are clearly too many cooks in the kitchen. I can’t wait to see what she does to further enhance CN4’s programming.”

– Lauren Caldwell, former political director, MFPE & owner of Fireside Campaigns

“I’ve worked with Breann closely over the past four years, and I trust her judgment immensely. She’s smart and asks the right questions—and provides me and my team with honest feedback. Her work is outstanding and has improved each of my campaigns. I’m looking forward to working with her in 2024.”
– State Rep. Dave Paul

“It’s hard to imagine an easier person to work with. Breann is knowledgeable, thorough, and nearly omnipresent in her ability to quickly respond when we need her help. I highly recommend working with her and the team.”
– David Shurtleff, Director of Communications, King County Council

“Breann is a joy to work with for many reasons. She is professional, first and foremost. She listens and works hard to portray the candidate (me) as I wish to be portrayed, telling the story in an engaging and positive manner. She is responsive, creative, and an excellent team member. I made a condition of my decision to run that I get to work once again with Breann Pugnetti!”
–  Janet St. Clair, Candidate for State Senate

If you’d like to send a note to congratulate Breann, her email is breann@cerillionn4.com and her phone is (303) 746-8876.