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Dear Reader,

So, 32% of GOP voters believe Taylor Swift is a government asset now? I wanted to write a fun little take on this mayhem, but honestly I don’t got it. It’s so outrageous it speaks for itself. Like, are you seeing this shit?

Anyway, now that Fearless leader, Joe Biden has declared the Pentagon’s psyop Super Bowl incursion successful, and we can have all the abortions we want or whatever, let’s chat a bit on whether endorsements even matter to begin with. In this partisan landscape, how could an endorsement possibly sway a voter?

Do political/celebrity endorsements matter to voters?

Research indicates that while most voters claim endorsements don’t hold significant sway, they can still play a crucial role in certain scenarios. Endorsements seem to matter more in primary or nonpartisan elections. Last-minute endorsements can be instrumental in inspiring voter turnout. While celebrity endorsements can be highly valuable in rare cases, it’s crucial to recognize that endorsements matter less than politicians often think. In Taylor’s home state of Pennsylvania, she ranks under Governor Shapiro and the local Kelce (Jason).

How about newspaper/editorial endorsements?

Editorial endorsements, such as those from newspapers, play a unique role in shaping public opinion. While traditional newspaper endorsements may not always sway the majority, unexpected endorsements can make a difference, particularly among undecided voters “at the margins.” Editorial endorsements go beyond merely swaying votes; they communicate the values and principles that a publication holds dear.

Do labor endorsements move the needle?

In smaller races with lower turnout and lesser known candidates, labor union endorsements can significantly move votes. As local press coverage diminishes, these endorsements become crucial in helping voters understand candidates’ ideologies. Labor unions play a pivotal role by not only providing financial support but also by directly reaching out to their members, creating a powerful mechanism for candidate support.

Every endorsement has a place in your race, but be intentional about which you seek out and don’t waste your time where it won’t make a difference.

As you embark on your campaign journey, let CN4 Partners be your strategic ally in leveraging the power of political endorsements. Simply respond to this email to chat with us today, and let’s chart a course for success together.



P.S. Stay tuned for part 2 and we’ll discuss how best to use endorsements from rollout to Election Day