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Happy New Year from all of us at CN4! A new year means new elections, new candidates, and new data.

Okay I admit it, I am an election nerd. And my guess is if you’re still subscribed to this list, you probably are too. So I wanted to share with you some resources that I use to keep us in the loop on all things elections.

Daily Kos Elections: Your Election Data Hub
They’ve compiled all election data into one convenient post and will continue to update throughout the year. I particularly like the Presidential results by CDs and state legislative districts, the open seat tracker, and the media market data.

BallotReady’s 2024 Election Calendar
BallotReady has built the ultimate 2024 Election Calendar. It’s the roadmap for the year ahead, highlighting every race across the country. Local, state, national – they’ve got it all.

Cheers to a year filled with democracy, data, and direct mail! If you want to talk more about that last one, reach out at dean@cn4partners.com.


P.S. Go Dawgs!