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A proper plan starts the campaign off on the right foot. Planning documents make you think about how you get over the finish line.

Campaign Field Activity

Field Plan: Know how many volunteers or staff members you need to meet your goals. Download Field Schedule: Be sure you don’t run out of time to talk to voters. Download Field Tracker: Keep track of your field progress. Download Phone banking guide: Download VoteBuilder Tips & Tricks: Make sure you use the database efficiently.

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Campaign Administration

Conference Call Agenda: Going through what matters, quickly. Download Candidate Scheduling: Their time, organized. Download Sign-In Sheet: Download Example Job Descriptions: If you can’t do everything yourself, hire folks. Download

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Campaign Fundraising

Fundraising Plan Template: Download One-Page Contribution Form: Download Fundraising Event Summary: Download Fundraising Calltime 101: Download Calltime Tracking Sheet: Download

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Campaign Planning

Campaign Budget Template: Spend your hard-earned dollars wisely. Download Campaign Timeline Template: Time is the only true limiting factor in campaigns. Download Campaign Quickstart Guide: Campaigns aren’t plug n’ play but this is a start. Download

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We hope these documents set your campaign up for success.

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