Parker Butterworth - CN4 Partners
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Parker Butterworth is a political campaign professional who is excited to continue to bring positive change and help build a brighter future for this – and next – generation. His experience spans building strong campaign teams, fundraising, voter messaging, paid media advertising and campaign management.

Parker advises campaigns of all sizes. In 2018, he helped guide Carolyn Long’s (WA-03) multi-million-dollar congressional campaign against a longtime Republican incumbent, gaining 20+ points in a battleground district. From local campaigns to Presidential efforts (Julián Castro for the Future), Parker is excited to work for candidates and organizations who want to run effective and authentic campaigns with powerful media.

Prior to joining CN4 Partners, Parker worked for candidates across the nation, helping elect Governor John Kitzhaber (OR) – the only Gubernatorial Democrat to win election in a Republican “wave” year, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales (OR) as well as Assemblywoman Lucy Flores’ (NV) campaign for Lt. Governor.

Parker sits on the Washington Bus’s Board of Directors, where he helps develop new political leaders.