Seattle Political Consultant - CN4 Partners

Seattle is the home base for our operations, and, as Seattle political consultants, we’ve worked on local campaigns longer than we can remember. We have won 17 of our 18 general election campaigns.

Recent successful Seattle political campaigns include:

  • In the 2023 Seattle general election, we helped re-elect Seattle Councilmember Dan Strauss (D6), who was the most in-danger incumbent going into the election. We also worked on independent expenditures to elect Rob Saka (D1), Joy Hollingsworth (D3), Maritza Rivera (D4), Cathy Moore (D5) and Bob Kettle (D7).
  • In the 2021 general elections, our Seattle candidates were undefeated.  We ran one of the largest independent expenditures in Seattle history to elect Bruce Harrell Mayor. We also ran an IE to elect Sara Nelson to the City Council and elected Ann Davison as City Attorney.

  • In the 2019 general election, our Seattle City Council candidates were undefeated.  We helped Dan Strauss defeat his opponent, despite being outspent 6:1, Lisa Herbold win reelection, despite being outspent nearly 3:1, and Alex Pedersen win, who was one of only two Chamber of Commerce-supported candidates who won in 2019. We also helped Herbold win in 2015, when she won by 37 votes (and was also outspent 3:1).

  • In 2015 and 2019, we helped Tribal PAC and Native Women’s PAC with Independent Expenditure efforts to elect and re-elect Debra Juarez to the Seattle City Council.
  • We worked on independent expenditures to help elect Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and consulted for Seattle Mayor Paul Schell.
  • Working with SchoolsFirst! We helped pass the last four cycles of Seattle School levies.
    • In  2022, we helped pass two levies totally $1.4 billion with 78% and 79% of the vote respectively.
    • In 2019, we helped pass $2.4 billion worth of levies with 69% and 72% of the vote;
    • In 2016, we helped pass two levies totaling $1.2 billion with 72% of the vote each;
    • In 2013, we helped pass $1.2 billion in levies with 75% and 72%.
  • We helped pass the Seattle Transit levy in 2020, a sales tax increase to pay for enhanced transit service in Seattle. The measure passed with 88.1% of the vote, which national transit advocates say is the highest measure ever recorded for a transit measure nationally and nearly 15% ahead of our polling.

  • We worked to help pass the expanded Seattle Families, Education, Preschool and Promise levy, a levy to help pay for enhancements for K-12 school, for high-quality pre-school programs, and free community college for all Seattle Public School graduates. The $600-million-plus levy passed with 68.9% of the vote.
  • We ran independent expenditures to pass the Seattle Preschool measure, a $58 million levy to run a four-year pilot program to pay for city-subsidized preschool. The measure passed with 67% of the vote.
  • We helped elect and re-elect King County Councilmembers Rod Dembowski and Jeanne Kohl-Welles, King County Executive Gary Locke and the King County Harborview Levy.

Nationally, we have helped elect four sitting Governors through independent expenditure work: Jay Inslee (Washington), Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan), Tony Evers (Wisconsin, defeating Scott Walker) and Phil Murphy (New Jersey, succeeding Chris Christie). Our client list includes AFSCMESEIU, 8 different NEA or AFT affiliates, 3 LCV affiliates, Teamsters, Native American tribes and party organizations.