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It is announcement video season so let’s get to it! The first tale is…

If you haven’t seen Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ announcement video for governor YOU ARE MISSING SOMETHING SPECIAL. How many American flags can you fit into a video? A lot! Especially if the video is 8 whole minutes of Republican porn. Yep. I said it.

This video hits all the notes and left-no-stone-unturned in conveying Sanders’ message: She is the purest (Trump) Republican that ever was.

Another word for it – and I enjoy it in announcement videos – is blatant. From the salacious and sycophantic Trump/soldier story, to camo duck hunting pictures, you can’t miss the message. It is successful and, honestly, epic.

Most folks don’t watch 8-minute announcement videos but you are on a political consultant’s email list so maybe you will. Check it out here.

Now for the second tale.

In the Sanders’ video, nuance was a dirty word. In our second video, Jeff Jackson’s NC Senate Announcement video, nuance is the point. You’ve got kids doing cute things, you’ve got “was this shot on my iPhone” camera movements, you’ve got the couch sit and stare. You’re in this home and you feel something, like maybe you could be friends with Jeff and his family.

That is the video’s whole point: Relatability.

This is one of my favorite advertising strategies. You might think this is about the 100-County tour or the North Carolina-Centric policies but it’s not – that is just the wrapping for the feel good, slight smile, small chuckle emotional reaction it is playing for. And it works.

Here is Jeff’s video.

The Epilogue:

While these videos are drastically different, they’re both incredibly effective. I always say (to the chagrin of animal-lovers – which I am, by the way) there is more than one way to skin a cat. Here is how:

  1. They knew why they were making these videos. There was always an underlaying purpose and they didn’t fall into creative-drift.
  2. They both had sufficient budgets. In creative production, you get what you pay for and it is clear these were both professionally done.

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