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As Elon soft launches his new puppet (I mean announces the new CEO of Twitter), we thought we’d do a refresher on social media usage for campaigns. When the head of a major platform is ousted in a poll he himself put his job on the line for, how are the rest of us expected to navigate it?


This is just another reminder that elections DO matter. Don’t let yourself get played on social media. Presumably, you don’t have billions of dollars to fall back on, so you’ve got to get it right the first time.

So, here’s our guides to FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Social media is an ever changing landscape. To be “good” at it, you need to be flexible and creative. But it also shouldn’t be the main focus of your campaign. Think of social media as a more fun way to encourage your base.

We hope you find the guides helpful and if you want to talk more about how best to communicate online (or offline), give us a shout.