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Over the years, we’ve learned the warning signs that will help you spot that your campaign is heading in the wrong direction.

If you’ve had any of these thoughts… It may be time to make some changes.

Nobody watches tv or reads direct mail.
Make sure that your decision making is backed with data, not just your own opinion. Voters get their information many different ways, it’s important to cover the spread.

We’re going to talk to everyone!
While you certainly don’t want your targeting to be so narrow that you aren’t communicating with enough people to win, going too broad often means you won’t talk to any of your targets enough.

My friend has a database.
Homemade databases and CRMs are a disaster. Collecting your data in a tested, proven system will save you hours of time later. Plus, not collecting data in the same format that your mail firm is using will cost you additional money.

I don’t want to mention my opponent’s name.
People need to know the difference between you and your opponent, especially if you’re running against an incumbent.

Campaigns are all about name recognition.
Sure, name recognition counts – but voters connect with candidates on their story and values, and want to be able to easily differentiate between their choices.

I don’t want to do call time.
Losing campaigns don’t put the time and energy in connecting with donors. If the candidate is avoiding call time, everyone else on the team will spend hours trying to figure out how to raise the money – wasting valuable time that can and should be spent on voter contact.

People are bored of my message.
No, they’re not. You’re bored of it. Message repetition and discipline allows for your message to break through.

It’s done differently in ______.
People always think there is something unique or different about their city, county, region or town. And to a certain extent, there is! But the fundamental principles of communicating with voters remain the same regardless of the uniqueness of your community.

I don’t care what the poll says 
Then why did you spend the money on one?

The IE will do that.
Don’t count on other people to save you. Control what you can legally control and chart your own destiny. IE budgets change and we’ve seen multi-million dollar IEs move to other districts/states overnight.