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We know how hard you work to send out direct mail to voters, from fundraising to the photoshoot to honing in on your message. With all that work, why should we settle for voters only seeing the mail piece once? At CN4, we don’t settle for just one hit in the mailbox; we meet voters where they are to ensure your message reaches your target audience with unprecedented impact. We call it Mail 2.0.

High-Quality Images for USPS Informed Delivery Customers
At CN4, we get more than one hit with our direct mail – we invest in technology that allows high quality images to be sent to USPS informed delivery customers. USPS customers opt-into the free service, which has penetration rates of 40-50% in most communities and email open rates over 70%. We can even include links to drive voters to your website.

Precision Tracking at the Individual Customer Level
We don’t believe in leaving anything to chance. CN4 meticulously tracks our mail by scraping USPS data down to the individual customer level. Know exactly where and when your mail is delivered to the voter, allowing you to fine-tune your campaign strategy in real time.

Extend Your Reach with Image Text Layering
Why limit your impact to a single hit? CN4 has the capability to layer your mailer with image text before and after it hits the mailbox. This strategic approach extends your mailer’s reach, ensuring additional exposure and repetition. Make a lasting impression that resonates with your audience long after the initial delivery.

Don’t settle for status quo when you can elevate your campaign with Mail 2.0. Ready to revolutionize your campaign strategy? Contact us today to learn more about how CN4 can maximize your impact and ensure your message reaches its full potential.