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Football, for me, always marks the beginning of election season, which I am grateful to have a distraction considering the state of the Seahawks roster (Drew Lock and Geno Smith? SERIOUSLY?) … We made it through the dog days of summer and the late primaries and now November is just around the corner.

At CN4, we’re seeing some great content get released. We measure content by how effectively it accomplishes its goal. We are wary of content that seems to be aimed at two audiences: 1) the money-raising twitter-verse and 2) actual voters. While there is the axiom two birds-one stone, we question whether we are sacrificing maximum potency for potential efficacy.

Political advertising, because of its innate nature (rushed timing, high societal effect, massive media reach), should be foremost focused on really accomplishing a singular goal.

Example 1: Mothers Against Greg Abbott
We are loving that what was once the big announcement video has now turned into a key fundraising strategy for campaigns once they realized they had more than one bite at the viral apple. CN4 client Mothers Against Greg Abbott is making some great content to fund their voter-contact program.


Example 2: Dr. Kim Schrier for Congress’ Bench Ad
Props are key! One question I have for them is, did they bring the bench with them or were they able to find the same exact (or very similar) benches. Either way, we love it because this is clearly aimed at voters and every word is highly tuned and researched to be effective.

At CN4, we take pride in our focus on matching budgets and goals because there are many ways to create an impact. If you are ready to launch your political programs, let’s talk and work together to develop an effective plan. Call, text or email us!