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We know you get a lot of emails, text messages, Signals and Zooms. We are all busy, and we want to respect that without cluttering your inbox with nonsense.

But these last few weeks we’ve been to the two major political award conferences, one sponsored by our trade organization, the American Association of Political Consultants, and the other sponsored by Campaigns and Elections Magazine.

And we came back with some awards that we wanted to share because, well, we’re proud of the work we do and how effective it is at getting the message out and winning elections.

Without further adieu, here’s what we won:


Campaign and Election Magazine’s Reed Awards:

Best use of targeting for radio or streaming ad
State Rep. Alicia Rule (WA) – Christian radio

Best mail piece to support a vote-by-mail program
Bexar County (Texas) Democrats – Choice Contrast


American Association of Political Consultant’s Pollie Awards:

Absentee Vote / Early Vote / Vote By Mail
New Jersey Education Association – The ballots are coming!

Independent Expenditure Campaign for Downballot Statewide
Montana Federation of Public Employees on behalf of Justice Ingrid Gustafson – Justice Gustafson protects our freedoms

And, so we’re not just talking about ourselves, here’s some links to some interesting emails you might have missed – Candace discussing FacebookDean talking about data about AANHPI voters or Jess with a direct mail case study.

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