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For the first time in 16 years, the Montana Federation of Public Employees face a GOP-controlled Legislature and Governor. In other states – such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio – that meant introduction of right-to-work and other legislation that targeted labor unions.

MFPE is Montana’s largest labor union and represents teachers, nurses, law enforcement, and other state employees. They wanted to engage their membership to A: increase member buy-in to the union and B: to raise awareness of the potential threat.

“NOT EASY” for MFPE by CN4 Partners

We worked with the great folks at MFPE to message a value proposition to their members over a two-month period using direct mail and digital video products to enhance buy-in.

We are honored to partner with MFPE on these important communications to their members and the public. As political media evolves, we are focusing on implementing new strategies and tactics. If your political project needs compelling media with innovative strategies – give me a call/email and let’s figure out how CN4 can partner with you and help you win.

– Dean
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