2021 Wrap Up - CN4 Partners
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The end of the year brings time for not just Hanukkah, Christmas, candy canes and holiday lights, but for reflection. This is true for us here at CN4 as well … but we sure do like the candy canes.

In 2021, we were part of campaigns coast-to-coast, helping elect candidates in races from governor to school board. Our national work helps us understand and get ahead of demographic shifts, as well as getting a pulse on how public opinion is swaying key subgroups of voters. Here are some of the impactful projects that we had the privilege of being part of this year.

In one of the biggest wins for working people in 2021, we helped beat odious right-to-work proposals in Montana. Our client, the Montana Federation of Public Employees, deployed an integrated video and mail program to help communicate to their membership and public. This was the first time that right-to-work legislation was defeated on the floor of a legislative body in a state completely controlled by Republicans.

We continued our work (and had a bit of fun too) with MFPE on a member engagement and branding campaign that is running now. This ad mimics a AFSCME parody ad from the 1970s and is designed to get viral member-to-member engagement.

We were also part of the outside effort to re-elect Gov. Phil Murphy in New Jersey, which turned out to be incredibly close. We helped the New Jersey Education Association with a multi-piece mail effort. We produced a mailer that emphasized the Governor’s support of public education – as well as his height – and was an incredibly noticeable 7 inches wide by 15 inches long.

In Seattle, we helped elect the incoming Mayor, Bruce Harrell, by running a $1.4 million independent expenditure effort with ads on broadcast tv and a robust direct mail program. Mayor-elect Harrell has the distinction of being the city’s first Asian and second African-American Mayor. We won three races in the general election in Seattle and have won all of our last 11 Seattle general election races, electing 7 candidates and passing four ballot issues.

In Texas, we expanded our firm by hiring Houston-based Michael Garcia Kolenc. Michael started his career as a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Public Policy Fellow for the National Education Association, rising up the ranks to run statewide funding measures and help foster pro-public education candidates.

Our promise to you in 2022 is that we’ll continue doing the same things that we always do – bringing our experience to your campaign to produce compelling media that matches with our informed strategy.