6 Rules of Paid Media - CN4 Partners

Paid media is advertising that you buy to move your message and connect with voters.
Follow these six rules to help determine your media strategy:


1. Dominate the dominate media

    • Look at the size of the race and the geography / media markets in your area to determine the #1 media for your campaign.
    • All other media should reinforce and extend this dominant medium and message.

2. Paid media works through repetition

    • Avoid the “dabble” approach: A little radio, a couple newspaper ads, a direct mail piece and 20-30 cable spots means you’re not focused enough to create the message impressions you need.
    • Target minimum frequency:
      • Television: 3-7 times/ad- WEEKLY
      • Radio: 6 times/ad- WEEKLY
      • Direct Mail: 3-12 pieces for campaign
      • Digital: 2x WEEKLY for video and 3x WEEKLY for display

3. Target media to your target voters

  • What is your goal? Your win number? Your targeted voters? Determining the answers to these questions will help you choose a medium that best connects with these voters.
    • Example: If your targeting says you need married women age 25-45 to win, don’t advertise in Senior Focus Magazine.

4. Go to where your voters are

  • Paid media should reinforce field and earned media- everything in your campaign should convey your core message.

5. Timing is key

  • Most voters make up their minds in the last 2-3 weeks – that is when most of your paid media should hit.
  • Exception to every rule: that is also when the most clutter will be around.

6. Use media money efficiently

  • You communicate to the number of people you pay for: cheap buy = few people.
  • Avoid paying for media that goes to people who can’t vote for you.
  • Another exception: sometimes the best media is the one that communicates with people who can’t vote for you- a lot of broadcast TV markets are like this.

Building a balanced, efficient and creative media plan- that you can afford- is not easy but the work you put into figuring it out will pay off when it counts.

We’re here to help. We’d love to talk with you about your paid communication options. Email us at connect@wordpress-645297-2103551.cloudwaysapps.com or use this link to directly set up a time for us to chat.